About our NDIS

All staff have completed ID screen checks, Working with Children’s Check (WWCC) and Police Checks, and are insured with public liabilities, professional indemnities and work cover.

Esther Yeung

Founder of Joyful

“One thing I love is the weekend programs. It draws participants into the beauty of the Australian nature and the buzz and cultured atmosphere unique to downtown Melbourne; it gives me great pleasure to see the anticipation on our participants’ faces, that says “I can’t wait to go out!”

Winnie Zhong Wen Xi

 Disability support worker

I like traveling by car very much, and working at Joyful can do what I like. At the beginning, I had absolutely no experience taking them, and after a period of hard work, I completed a personal support certificate.  Joyful gave me many opportunities for internships. Gradually, I began to be able to travel independently with them and actively support them with living skills.   They are now largely part of my life.   I am truly happy to see them grow and change.

Samuel Wong

 Disability support worker

“As a final year Occupational Therapy student, I love that I am able to adopt the same mindset that all therapist should have, which is to help everyone have the same opportunities and achieve the things that are important and meaningful to them.”

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